New Moves At Our Studio

We have some terrific new Karate moves at our studio that we devised on our own!

Come down or book a Skype session to  get hold of them! They’re really fab – we promise!

We also need to say that we’ll be away for two weeks from Sept 2nd. Any sessions that are booked in for that time will have to be moved – our apologies. Please get in touch so that we can reschedule.

Making More Space

We recently made the choice to extend our home – but not on the ground floor. We realised that we didn’t need ANY planning permission at all to sort our roof out sooooo, we did it! We now have much more room to store studio equipment and we even managed to squeeze a bed in there for students wishing to stay with us whilst they are training with us! We used this company: and they did a fab job.

Driveway Update

Hello again! So a few more changes have been made to our studio and to our property. We realised that it was incredibly difficult to park anywhere near us! We had to do something to allow people to park near to us so we spent the last month or so doing up the driveway (see site of people who helped us). We now are very pleased to say that we have four (and a half – good for bikes or super cute dinky, dinky smart cars!) and a half parking spaces.  Read more

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